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Are you a hotelier?

The purpose of the specific idea has to do with the promotion of an innovative product with added value since it 'encloses' all the Greek elements by simply creating a competitive advantage into the business environment. In addition, it aims at developing a specific business culture as well as 'cultivating' a business spirit in order to commercialize it.

Do you own tourist shops?

The new vision of Greek tourism requires building strong communication strategy, capable of effectively highlighting the diverse Greek quality tourism product to meet the liquidity of international tourism demand, the situation of tourism enterprises and the increasing competition so as to attract consumers, tourists / experienced travelers who now are very sensitive to quality and highly demanding. The main promotional strategy of the product is based above all on innovation including all the Greek elements.

Are you a tour guide?

Those are the factors that contribute on the success of the innovation of the product: 1) The existence of the advantages of the new product compared to products that may try to replace it in the near future. 2) Failure innovation conflict with the current values of consumers. (The product is purely touristic and does not affect in any way the consumer needs) 3) The purchase of the product by the consumer without refund (not cause data corruption if there is no expiration date, etc.) 4) The ease of use means that the possibility of using reconciled with the knowledge and ability of consumers to whom is being referred to.